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We have completely forgotten our nature, God’s grace- importance of life and  goal of it in a way. We do not have  knowledge of our power, nor  knowledge of God’s attention nor  goal. Ignorant forgetfulness is wandering freely. This forgetfulness is bizarre. People often forget things, hear, and forget about reading things also happen.  acquaintances of  times become unfamiliar by being oblivious. But it is hard to forget that your own self is forgotten.

We treat ourselves as mere body. He considers the interests of his own interests, his needs as his own needs. Both the body and mind are the only two wheels of life chariot, but something has happened phenomenally. We have completely forgotten the Self. It often goes so far as to hear the separation of body and soul. But such a thing can happen rarely throughout the life. If it happens then it is very blurred.

If the object is understood and the form of separation of organism and its instruments emerges in consciousness, then  matter of auto becomes prominent and  attention given to  vehicles is as much as it was necessary for them. Today we are barefoot and we are decorating the vehicles with gold ornaments. We are starving and we are being fed ghee to vehicles. ‘We’ means the soul and the vehicle means body and mind. Swami is engaged in  service of his servants and has always forgotten his responsibilities. It is a strange situation.


In fact, we have lost our temper. Search for him.  purpose of meditation is to transform this oblivion into memory. If an object is lost, then meditate that he had walked away from the house then where and how far the hand was, and then where empty hands left. If money is decreasing then meditate that if you do not put it anywhere-not given to anyone-there is nothing to drop. With more emphasis on the brain, memory first emerges and often remembers where the object or money may have been. In physical life, we often get rid of the difficulties arising due to forgetfulness and with help of meditation, they get rid of those who have gone missing.


purpose of spiritual meditation is to get rid of current misery due to forgetfulness of its nature and goal. A child walked from home to maternal kindred. A fair had fallen on the path and he rum in it. There was so much rum in his scenes that he forgot to know his name and his name. ‘This story seems very strange, but it is sixteen come true and it applies to all of us. We are in a state of confusion when we give up our name, identity card, ticket etc., after all, where do we come from and where did we go? The situation is bizarre and does not accept it and does not accept it.

Accepting is so difficult that we are not crazy, we are very wise. Runs all  business and then where are the self-forgotten? It is also difficult to reject because in fact we are  parts of God –  great men are  available donors of birth and they know  matter of being in a state of dire uncertainty until they receive God. Also, it is also clear that what should be is not what it is and what they should have done is not even doing it. This conflict arises in every area of ​​life, and we constantly experience great anxiety.


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