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The goal of life should be understood and  direction of progress should be adopted. Living indirectly leads to fury like flying leaves along with air. They are full of wandering everywhere – nothing can reach – nothing is possible. To ensure the goal of life is to fill the incompleteness in perfection – to bring soul to the divine level. The sooner it is understood and  better it can be adopted. Work and system related work should also be done for body protection and family nutrition, but not limited to that. This meditation must be kept very seriously that the human body is found for some special purpose, and it is only prudent intelligence in accomplishing it.

If this fact remains intact in the incarnation then it should be understood that  direction of  appropriate life has been found and  stream of goodwill will be adopted in its light and the attachment in the realities will flow. If a direction, a goal, an aspiration, a motivation becomes fixed, then the matter of moving the body and mind towards it becomes normal and even after walking slowly, a man goes there in the morning to see where he is going. His companion is a miracle or a gift of God.


This is the only road to joining the soul with God. Due to attaining the attainment of credit, it becomes an extraordinary transformation in the mindsets of the past. Decline instincts of animal tendencies When God takes the form of tendencies in the direction of uplift, then he can say that status is Yoga. Explaining  nature of  activities of  yogi, he said that ‘when people sleep, then he awakens.’ ‘When  people sleep, then  yogi awakens.’ This mystery behind this mysticism is hidden that animal tendencies that’s the priority.

There is an overwhelming majority of people in  world. Yogi’s work not be done by adopting his custom, policy, advice and tradition. He has to put up the framework of his thinking and imagination with the help of conscience. It almost sits in a lot of public circulation. People call him a fool and he considers people to be foolish. There is huge difference in independent thinking and public flow.

The concentration is practiced gradually and that time is achievable. Therefore, there is no need to display any kind of urge to show up in it. If  focus of continuous life goals is taken care of, that stream flow can be called ‘one direction’ and the actual purpose of concentration can be fulfilled.


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