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Brahma is subtle and nature is gross.  organism is microscopic and functional. Meditation can be called subtle and verb verbally. From the combination of this combination, the compounds, chemical substances, elements, and non-living molecules are visible in the beauty of matter. Physics is very ugly, raucous and harsh,  burden of making it alive, art carries itself.


What body poorly clogged and scurrilous but made floating effigy made of bone-flesh what is  organism – abstaining in bliss, others engage in  badness of eating nuts – consciousness flutter What is life – a loaded burden that has to be borne with suffering and irritation. It’s just  moment of bubbling and  second moment is the end of life; the irony of life; It has to be baked in a burning flame in the fire of discontent and excitement. To remain limited to the gross, this is name of life, stomach and reproduction is its goal.

Here is a dear context for the liver and gluttonous scrub of itching. Self-protection, egoism, the impatience of salvation, the desire for freedom is that all the basic instincts that the people who have been bitten are seen dancing like insects. If you look at the gross life, then there is nothing else to look like in addition to this propaganda trickery. The confusion of the mishaps is so complicated that effort is made to solve them, same goes for opposite. cry is born and person goes on crying – this is all that we call by name of life.


Actually, life is so trivial, complex and disgusting. To evaluate its precision, you will have to enter a little depth. Nothing can be found on upper surface of ocean, except for rubbish, scarf, moss and algae waves. gemstone is lying on the sea floor. To get to him, the drivers who have to dig deeper and have the skills and courage to embrace.


The gross area of consciousness can be seen in the material matter – circumstantial and intense movements. This animal is life and every creature is equally available. level of karma that is received, it cries in its own way, it sings. Man is no exception to this. In action, excitement of sunshine is full, there is also excitement in drunk and many people make it a medium of joy and satisfaction. Understanding is one thing and reality is second. Something can be understood in some way, but nothing happens if that is made of misconception. situation remains same.

joy is in subtle. We are not satisfied by thought of action, and in depth of feeling, there is a disintegration of joy. If solution-satisfaction and satisfaction are ours, we will have to become knowledgeable even when we are active. Without shelter of knowledge, fear and anxiety in a distraught situation will continue. Peace is in solution; that solution not be done on any other basis without resorting to the truth.


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