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The action is gross and the knowledge is subtle. In spite of not being limited to the action, in an effort to get into the depth of element though, we get to rest and satisfaction. One layer is deeper than this – which is called the inner soul. Here the beliefs remain. In your relationship, many beliefs regarding the faults and principles of dear and offensive, fair and inappropriate, habits and practices; at this center, the roots are sitting in the depths.

The entire structure of personality is manufactured here. The brain and the body are given a futile defect or credit. Like both faithful servants, they play the duty of every soul properly. There is no power to disobey them. Faiths are the only inspiration and if pushed by the same petrol, both wheels of life scooter – thinking and caring gallop start running.

What is personality – faith What is man What are the motivations – the echo of euphoria Attributes, karmas are created by themselves and do not deteriorate. Faiths become mature by becoming habitats, they are called nature. Practices are called qualities only. For fulfilling karma aspirations, the work which is done jointly by the body and mind is called Karma. After understanding these facts, it becomes clear that there is a feeling of happiness and sorrow in the form of personality level and its response.

Pleasure and anxiety are linked to the ups and downs of the circumstances, but due to the fact that they are cultured and unbearable of the state of mind, the realities arising from normal life are always filled with the same experiences. No incident is important in itself and neither is it important. Everything here is rolling on its way. Like winter and summer, the order of birth and death, loss of birth and death, and happiness-continues. The level of our contemplation itself is sometimes enjoyed and sometimes it gets distraught. Not the circumstances in perceptions, the role of mindset work only.


After understanding the white and the dark side of life, this question arises instantly: – Is it not possible that in the framework of the circumstances, flowing through the flow of the masses, inspired by the stored conscience, the current unrivaled life; as you wish – your level will be re-crafted and the presented dishonesty turned into excellence? The answer can be given in both ‘no’ and ‘yes’. ‘No’ in the situation when there is a lack of passion for the internal change and the joys of raising the courage required for it not arise.

With the help of others, dreams of a bright future can be seen, but they are rarely of anyone. External, divine and worldly help are available, but to get them, it is necessary to introduce their authenticity while passing through the fire test of eligibility. Do not feel like taking on such a jarring head; It is said that by instinctively ‘hammering’ some of the material possessions, if it is full of lust for attaining spiritual emotions, then it can be said that the person is formed at the level of great humanities and as a result It is impossible to achieve high-level achievements in a way. The answer can be considered negative.


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