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By remembering a few things, some things are remembered for a long time, but there are some who, after leaving the practice for a few days, become oblivious in one way. After leaving school studies, if they do not come in the work, then they are forgotten after some time. Army soldiers are required to parade regularly. Wrestlers go to the Naga Arena without any hassles and they hold daily penalties. The practice of dance becomes necessary for musicians. For some time even if they leave the practice of playing the songs, fingers will start to falter and hindrance in the rhythm will begin to occur.


It is necessary to take recourse to recurrence in the ‘learning’ role in education. Unknowable divine consciousness is required to be enforced on the memory of the chant so that the installation of useful light can be established. The rope of the rope on the stone in the world of wells becomes very scarred in it due to its long period of time. Our hometown is so harsh. By saying once, the thing comes in understanding, but it needs to be repeated for a long time to take up the role of nature-practice. Rope ropes on the stone for a long time, it becomes a mark in it.

The second layer of education is – ‘Retention’ means to make the information presented as part of nature. The third role is – ‘Ai Kali’ i.e. to revive some of the past conditions of the past scrape choose. The fourth role is – ‘recognition’. Converting faith into faith-reverence and faith. All these purposes have to be completed in worship. These four layers have to tease. The symbol is a ‘retention’ symbolizing God’s nearness. There is disorientation in life because of forgetting the very ancient relationships of the soul with God.

When the kite-flyer leaves the lanyard, then he goes around roaming around. If the relationship between the fingerprint of the archers is broken, then how can they show the pieces of wood? When the connection wire breaks, the electrical appliances stop working. The relationship between God and the creature is eternal, but it has been broken in a way because of the excessive tendencies in illusion. The process of thinking about it again, finding the thread again and reconnecting the broken relationship is ‘Re-Time’. This objective is also done by chanting.

For the spiritual progress, the field of contemplation has to be planted, only when there is a useful crop in it. The fertilization of the farm increases only by reaping the farm. Calling chanting can be a kind of plowing farming. Even after being told to read further, Ram continued to write and say the same.

After reading this one, all the studies are completed. If the teacher asked to read further lessons, then the answer was that one should read the second when the text is recollected. They meant that until the maturation of unfolding truth and truthfulness in dealing with the truth, it should continue to keep thinking of it in the same area.


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