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The first class is worshiped in the direction of moving forward on the path of yoga meditation involving  soul with  divine. In it, there is a need to imagine  divine with  shape. It is considered to be endowed with a high level of excellence, is present near the present experience, implants intense reverence, develops deep love emotions and creates intimacy with them. Various treatments under this act are called devotional meditation. This is the first step of the ‘rhythm’ process. This act is easy for the mindset of the incompetent-minded role of unconsciousness and helps in furthering the level of consciousness. The entire structure of symbol worship should be deemed to be manufactured for this purpose.


Great Sage is an omnipresent consciousness power.  Greater the  intensity of the relationship goes with it, the same proportion increases the quality and efficiency of life. Consciousness is  only basis for binding into  bonds of intimacy with consciousness-the harmony filled steadfastness. This situation has been called love or devotion in other words. In the life of this kind, even in the face of the person, or the situation, the whole personality is activated for it and in the long run, fate always remains fulfilled. To strengthen consciousness with consciousness, it is also worth sacrificial but stable eagerness. Attempting to create devotional devotion to God – attempts to implant faith, affinity, nearness, and unity are made and they also fulfill the purpose.


In the public places or in the personal worship rooms- by establishing the various symbols of God, they are welcomed, honored and honored by the great men. As long as the image remains in front of you, the experience of God is the proximity of the time-his nobility is accepted and the manners that honor him with reverence are displayed. For the maturity of integrity, the mental state of the imaginary god statues is realized.


Further, there is a subtle symbol of worship in which the image of the great deity is taken care of by keeping eyes closed or folded, and the same feeling of reverence, proximity, and unity is made, as is the image of the idol of idol worship. The difference remains that there is a direct need for symbol instruments in idol worship and while in meditation, all the work is completed only with the help of imagination.

In the realization of the idol worship and idol worship, there are two classes in meditation. Idol worship can be called high school level education for primary education and favored meditation. Next is the college class. They can call it formless. In it, God is not considered as the human form and no need for the reception, halls for the person. To remain active in practice, it is also necessary to keep them involved in daily practice. This keeps the stored reverence safe. Seekers reaching a high level also do not leave the worship of the symbol of daily karmas, but they also adapt their past to mature faith.

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