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The panic of everywhere is the horrific dark night. The silent silence is shadowed. The seashore of the powerhouse of power remains intense in the gloomy state like the Pole region. Nuclear power-deprivation is living in dust. Life is gaining weight. Humans are seen as miserable due to lack and frustration in the poorly helpless situation. Even so, the omnipresent, Almighty God is sleeping on a long bed sheet, fainted in his vast expanse. Wherever the wandering soul, who wanders in this broad flushing, also sees the vision, the same disappointment is seen.

Some do not look worthy He looks, he does not even think. In such a situation, what else is there to get bored and angry? It is an awakening. It is a lot of time to hear the saying ‘It finds a place and soya loses’, but its impact did not get even tense. Willingness to wake up has never happened. Who is sleeping himself, how to wake others? Without a joke, who can find a faint atmosphere? Awakening is necessary. It is possible to wake up the faint on your own life and identify those who are awake. Spirituality is another name for this great awakening.

Achievements are available only to the devotees. It is possible only in the event of awakening that which is to handle it and not who is not. In other words, the innovative effort of composite awaking in self-medication can be said only. The first stage of self-realization and the second phase of element when it starts to rise at a gradual pace, it becomes possible to achieve that great life goal by that effort. The path going on in the direction of spiritual progress goes on one step to achieve one-on-one accomplished achievements, prosperity-success.

Spiritual practice can be divided into two aspects – knowledge and science. The knowledge side is the difference between animal and man and inspires that this surreal opportunity should be used for the purpose for which he has got. How to think and adopt the custom of it, it is a work of knowledge side. Processes like Self learning, spiritual discourse, narrative, discourse, text, meditation, contemplation are used for this purpose.


The second step of this side is that by adopting the higher principles of religion, virtue, restraint, duty-abiding, an idealistic life will be done. Most of the man’s power is wasted in desperation and untimely demeanor, mischief-makers, and miscreants keep destroying their oozes and lose that life force which is necessary for high-level progress in the same way as Patrol for the motor. How will the motor without oil, how can it be possible to progress without the intense life force? The thought is not made by meditation to make excellence and creativity ideal. It is like cultivating the land by making fertilizer, water and made fertile. Worship is done in such a sophisticated homeland. Only then the harvested crop is flowing. The garden planted on such fertile soil is seen flourishing.


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