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second party of meditation is  second worship. Diverse-law physical and mental activity is accomplished for this purpose. Functions such as fasting, silence, tasteless, pilgrimage, orbiting, asana, chanting, lessons, bonds, posture, policy, are performed from  body. Mental practices are often all thought-provoking and they have to meditate on so many levels. It’s real and formless are two squares. In reality, there is a sense of  nature and proximity of such gods and goddesses.  light of  Sun and  meditation of  Sun are also counted in realization. Many people call it formless According to his definition,  man-consciousness of  human form is called  formless and un-formless form of the sun-like light, but the thing is not so.

Size means the same form. Wherever any kind of shape is being made as a meditation medium, all these realities will be counted. In the formless class, they come to meditate, the words, the juice, the smell,  touch are accomplished with  help of these four Tan. Listening to various types of divine sounds from the astral atomic system is called yoga. On the tongue touching the sugar candy, chili, etc. rinse and keep on feeling the same taste. Similarly, smelling a smell once followed by nostrils is also imagined. A cold, hot or soft rigid touch is removed by touching it with hands and it is focused on experiencing the touch even after its removal.  senses of ears, nostrils, tongue, and skin-words, smell, taste, and touch can be called formless meditation. Appearance is  subject of  sensory eye, its feeling requires some size, whether it is of human nature or of any other size. Focusing on these will be called true worship.


From the gross body to the labor, the subtle, the body worries are worshiped. Due to the body is only the feeling of feeling. The complete coordination of devotion, faith, and reverence is called ‘devotion’. Love sensation says this. This situation is above argument. Mind and intelligence not be used more in this. Emotional waves of emotions can touch  heart of  heart.

When there are two lovers in humans, they become emotionally disturbed and experience anesthetic. Emotional titillation emerges only on the union of trustees, loved ones and souls. Therefore, the feeling of intense belief of having a very high level of beliefs and emotions towards God, to meet titillation-one another, is called worship Yoga. Self-dedication is also  name of this. By dismissing  duality,  sensation of monistic,  merger of  river into  ocean,  burning of kites on  lamp,  burning of kites on  lamp, and  nature of this sense level is explained.


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