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In the high ranking order, three acts come under the intermediate legislation. (1) chanting (2) meditation (3) yoga not only in the Indian tradition but also in many different ways of the world, these three have been taken in some form. There can be many types, but they can be seen as part of these three classes.


At the same time, the education of that final state-of-college course becomes available. Such divine powers are present in this world that can provide adequate support to keep the pond of eligibility as rain clouds and to keep them completely filled. We should focus all our attention only on refining the semi-conscious levels of the root and the mind of the body. The race of meditation science is central to making laws and legislation that help in the development of these two fields. If this happens, then the next thing can be left in the direct path of the enlightened Divine Consciousness in Nikhil Brahman. Your self-esteem gets so high that after the attraction of the earth comes out of power, the rockets start their journey on their own and begin to excel in such a class, in the same way, the remaining part of self-service can be completed.

Discussions related to the activities of penance and symbol worship that affect the gross body have been discussed in the previous article. In the amendment of the astral body, chanting, meditation and yoga these three have to be used. None of the sects give priority to any one of these to any one of them. All these three are prevalent in different distinctions. In our view, these three are required only in the mental development, like the three-dimensional life nutrition of food, water, and air, and to make amendments to those three layers, these three are needed simultaneously, just like a tunic, dhoti, and shoe.

It is spirituality to chant that God by chanting that we have forgotten in a way. In the same way, the snake-like snake lives in a weak and desperate state, in the same way, we are frightened like an orphan, afraid of being separated from God, we are experiencing ourselves-in an insecure and objectionable situation. It seems we have lost some value. The call of chant is to find him. The cat revolves around looking after his children around and finds them on the basis of that call.

A leg of yards went into the mouth of the customer. The yard wanted to get out of the water and the customer dragged in it. There was no one to lose either of them either. The elephant was suffering heavily in this pulling. Did not die would not have won. The diagnostic yard called to God His name was taken thousands of times, then God came to save him. Drau had called God after seeing shame in the meeting and he came to reassure him. The situation of the person who wanders in ignorance has also been done with the yard. One leg of the yard was eating a crane. Here the four components of work, anger, item, miscarriage are being consumed both hands, both legs, head, and torso.


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