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At  time of worshiping on  basis of a picture or statue, it should be firm in mind that  Divine Power that is to be connected with  divine power exists in an unusual situation at  place of worship. For this, it is essential to establish symbolic images. Based on the power of mother power, any other statue on the basis of its belief, it should be established on a small but well-equipped throne. Whenever you want to worship, you should sit in front of him. In a place where  work is done for a long time, there is an unintended characteristic that begins to inspire and motivate them to reproduce those actions. Regardless of where and when it is difficult to think-sitting in  place of worship, but at  appointed place, at  place of worship,  mind will automatically start repeating those habitual actions as they sit at  place of worship. Keeping this fact in mind, establishing a worship room at  appointed place is appropriate and it is appropriate to implement  act of worship at regular intervals.


Whether or not there is a special incarnation of God in  symbol image.  answer to this question can be given in terms of material science, not in terms of science. By putting ‘meters’, the presence of God in the statue will be found, then the answer will be disappointing only. But the knower of the semantics understands that the beliefs make the rope as a snake and bush, making the magic in the miracle and the magic in the mantra. In the statue, it is certainly  same feeling of God that is considered to be a special amount of special power.  meditation of worship is an integral part. It is necessary to stay connected with chanting. Otherwise, the mind will run away here.

Like revered teachers, courtesy, honors are displayed on their first philosophy. In  symbol of worship, he should be honored on  occasion of calling upon God power. This gives an opportunity to generate even more maturity in the sense of fidelity. For this purpose the tradition of worshiping is prevalent. (1) Water (2) Rice (3) Flower (4) Sun lamp. They should be kept in a saucer and one should be left in the second saucer, in order to express reverence, respect for respect. These two divine powers are titillation. Fire symbolizes  nature and symbolizes  fire of man. This is also a type of picture installation.

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