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In  field of  astral body, our thinking is molded in  way, whose reaction itself keeps us in the semicircular level. How many types of the craze, how many delusions, how many delusions are laden in the brain, if they are deemed to be properly understood, the ‘current man’ is undoubtedly incomprehensible compared to the person who is wise. Public beliefs – People’s prevalent tendencies seem to be pleasant to themselves. Do not be surprised by the beliefs of idiosyncrasies, idiots, other beliefs, and sit down in the brain. The prevailing corruption in the people also attracts itself.

Due to distorted thinking, man thinks unthinkable and the child keeps on developing intellectuals and destroys valuable thought power. Many mental illnesses such as anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, passion, excitement, ruthlessness, nervousness, cowardice, misery, jealousy, malice, self-determination, selfishness surround the brain, and the same is the fault of the body suffering from hundred diseases. Psychosis, the thoughts are made to the institute,  astral body. It is  occultation of cynicism, perversion of thought distortions, which is why every ‘wonderful’ thought comes from falling into the pit of destruction in perpetuity.


If the brain gets rid of the strains of superstition, then by the systematic use of the presented consciousness system, any person can become a scholar, a scientist, artist, visionary, a wise man. On the strength of the general-seekers-under normal circumstances-can transform personality into a sophisticated framework and can easily go to the state of being able to count in the rank of great people. On the analysis of  life principle of  great men, one attribute is seen that they organize their thinking system, supervise  thought system of thought, rectify impropriety, and seek  shelter of discrimination and make the question high. In contrast to the folk flame, idealism took its originality, consequently, their anxiety was lost. In the beginning, such people are mocked and opposed, but when they introduce their loyalty, the world bends at their feet and dedicates a bitter pious prayer on their heads.


Due to the excellence of refined subtle body-mindedness, every moment of its own keeps up constantly, joyful and hilarious. Due to getting rid of undesirable mental load, his discretion becomes a visionary philosopher, and his benefit not only benefits the contact area but also to the entire world.


Overall, seven percent of the brain comes in work, the remaining 93 percent is lying in a suspended condition. To awaken him is to develop the innumerable innate abilities of our inner self. If there is no other person in this world than  miraculous astral instrument of comparison of  brain, if it is to be enabled with effort, then the intellect like Kali can become a pure scholar. In the name of miraculous accomplishments, many specialized skills are seen occasionally in many proven men. This is nothing but  sparks of magic-brain-consciousness.

We are familiar with the sense power-mindedness, therefore the miracles which are being presented in daily life by them are considered ‘normal’. The unconscious is unrecognized so that his awakened supernatural power is wonderful-supernatural, but there is virtually something like miracles in this world. Whatever is  nature of nature is perfectly suited. Miraculous accomplishments are also the awakening of latent atrium potential, which is usually seen, not heard. Such new inventions have also been called miracles for some days.


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