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The group of innumerable bacteria is the body of the organism. Man’s structure is also unique in the organism. His conscious world is even more amazing. Root and consciousness can be likened to such that powerful rail engine airplanes, self-propelled devices can also function properly under the control of an animated man. If there is no use of human intelligence skills, then the instruments that are considered valuable and very powerful will remain inactive. The discipline of animate above the root is well known. Even so, the market value of man’s power is very similar.

How many people who have lost their lives in a miserable situation, do not waste their lives with great difficulty. Neither do they have satisfaction with themselves or any other person is satisfied with them. This is due to the degradation of consciousness level associated with the personality, karma, nature of the person. Helpless and helpless not be a human being. Misery makes a fool. The name of comfort is only poor. Due to idleness and disadvantage, many forms of weakness are revealed. Wherever there are constant awareness and orderly activism, the person will be living as bright, resplendent.


Like the neglected mud, a poor man is considered to be negligible. The warehouse of power has been shattered by taking this unconsciousness into the unfamiliar state and the same thing has happened in the same way. His divine power is fluttering in the leaf and leaves and being energized by becoming a self-power within the creature, yet our thirst for God’s vision is the same as it is. God does not look anywhere.

After going through the painful journey of the pilgrimage place, people go to see God and return empty hands. The law, which is done by the third law, is done only after this, but disappointment only takes time. God does not come in the grip but the wandering is only hand. The reason for this is the same silence. God is in a faint situation all over the place. If it can be awakened and used in the experiment, then surely the proximity of Divine power can be attained and its cooperation can be benefited from synergistic.


The question is the same everywhere-which is valuable, lies in a faint situation behind the cover. This is probably because the people of the underdeveloped level not become unbalanced by meeting those achievements and do not waste time doing mischief. An aware person considers the importance of power and becomes useful by them. It is considered to be the first step of progress to leave your absurdity and to remove the folly of the contact area. Students entering the spiritual field have to start their own lessons from here.

By adopting the process of self-realization, the hidden dignity in the inner world is awakened and by the element of reason, the systematic relationship between the substances and beings spread in the outer world is known. The philosopher is called the one who realizes the reality of the world and the condition of the creatures properly identifies the strangeness. The folk behavior of the right way becomes in this situation. It seems as if the self-knowledgeable people have forgotten the behavior, but it is virtually the most efficient. She is considered to be a fool because of not being able to track her with a sheep, but in reality, she does not like that.

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