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People consider adverse circumstances as cause of worries, fears, and adversities, but forget that in same circumstances, many people, in many ways, many people are happy and live life satisfactorily. Tendencies to play main role in experiencing adversities. To change circumstances of race, if the mentality of the unconsciousness had been improved, then if it had been improved, then every situation would have no difficulty in becoming friendly. Mistake of others is overridden. If cuteness had not penetrated in practice, then by living a gentle life of simplicity and gentleness every person takes care of his present circumstances. If mistake improves, adversity that surrounds surroundings, one of them is not visible.

Misuse of senses causes a lot of difficulties, if this thick fact had been made by heart, then the race to fulfill the desires – the sun did not have to be done; however, only a lot of problems would have been solved by moderation. If taste was controlled, then urge to eat unnecessary indigestion did not arise and there would be no deficiency in the digestive system when the stomach remained balanced. Sexuality, mental disorder. People consider it as physical demand or need, which is not right. If this thick theory is understood, then eroticism that many incest does not appear, one of them is seen anywhere. Women would be engaged in those useful and important works, which lack of facilities and the untouchables who have to face the days to come, no one would have been surprised by them. What is difference between eye, ears, nose, senses, which are called as active, what is difference between justification and impropriety, and whether it is acceptable to adopt, if not by adopting opposite direction by the brain, and consequently making any malicious efforts? The step does not increase. Then there is no need for anyone to create good and bad pleasures.

Using the available items properly is the first sign of man’s intelligence. If the mind associated with the lifestyle was considered to be best instrument and its utilization-abuse would have taken care of it from the very beginning, would always be laughing at everyone- laughing would have had an opportunity to live. The vigilance and incestions that have to face the days of the day, none of them even appear to be surprised. There is no such problem in this world, who cannot find solutions to adopt intelligence and cannot get rid of the solution. This world is the picturesque garden of God. In every direction, every type of features is also full of it. Wherever adversity seems to be seen, there should be an understanding that there has been a disturbance in contemplation.

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