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A strong source of power the group of atoms is clogged with dust and lying in under  feet. A big buck also seems trivial and it’s market value is not as much as a charity. But when small pieces such as not be seen by all the small eyes of this slope by falling into a deep depth, then it seems that he is neither trivial nor inactive. There is tremendous stir within him. He is not alone, but a group of electrons is accompanying. These extremely trivial constituents of atoms travel faster on their orbit with the speed of planets in the solar system. Its destruction grace keeps the area wide-mat. It is surprising that roughly a negligible piece of dust that seemed intensely negligible, how important and powerful it was in its real state.


In each substance, its infinite power is full. Small ammunition blows the giant rocks in the sky. A pinnacle of matchbox becomes a form of burning fire to  state. Small steam in  pressure cooker and a small wind stove in the stove when it breaks, then puts the nuisance like gunfire. With a thick sight,  power of a substance is not known because it is lying in a suspended condition. Whenever he gets an opportunity to wake up, it seems that there is no inaction anywhere in this world and no weakness  blanket of  unconscious is made of every level of trivial level. Whenever there is a slight stir, the cover turns away and everywhere the sea of eternal power is visible.


The bacterial power of the atom is much higher than  living beings of a living being as compared to a cobra. While progressing in  direction of using  power considered to be  root of nature,  science of awakening power is in hand. In space, the flow of eternal flow has been presented in the service of the human being and by it there are innumerable features like saving of labor and illumination, fan, fire, wire, telephone, cinema, radio, origin of root atoms The only work in the science of substance science is to awaken and utilize the power. As a result, the convenience and capacity of the man continue to increase.


The power of animate bacteria is innumerable more than  root atom.  ability of  creature is inexcusable. Consciousness is virtually a small component of the great sage. This portion has the same strength as its original power.  only difference between  divine and  soul is  second molecule; but on the point of view of the original power, the virtues of both the religion and the power formula are one. The atom itself has a sun. His small family is also dynamic like a solar system. The difference is small. This smallness has the fullest scope to grow in magnitude.  nucleus of each bacterium is hidden within an entire world. If you can see the movements happening in his abdomen, it would seem that a bacteria is an entire world and in that form of seed, everything exists that is seen in  outside world with  help of  senses or instruments.


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